If I have some problems with my payments, what should I do?

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to make your payment on time and in full. In the unlikely event you will be late for a scheduled payment, it is extremely important that YOU contact Mission Auto Finance and let us know BEFORE the payment is due. You can call, email or stop in. We do understand that people sometimes experience financial setbacks. It is your loan. It is up to you, to keep the lines of communication open. … [Read more...]

If I want to be approved for a loan and vehicle, what do I have to do?

It's easy! Stop by one of our offices and talk to one of our credit specialists in person. They will speak to you about your credit situation in a relaxed, no-pressure manner. Once your budget and needs are established, you can select a vehicle.You can apply for pre-qualification online at this site. Just go to"Get Qualified “, fill out the information, and one of our specialists will personally review it. Then we contact you by phone or email within a few hours! … [Read more...]

I have a bankruptcy, can you arrange financing for me?

Yes! If you have filed  a Chapter 7  we may ask you  to bring some paperwork with you confirming  this is discharged- If you have filed a  Chapter 13 we may ask for a Letter of No Position. … [Read more...]

Who gets car loans?

Mission Auto Finance LLC,  finances all kinds of people. We understand that good people can get into tough situations due to medical bills, bankruptcy, divorce, and sometimes do have credit problems.  We look at your present situation not your past credit issues. … [Read more...]

How long does it take?

Call ahead to review basic qualifications, show up with the proper things, and you could be in and out in 30 minutes. … [Read more...]

How do the payments work?

Payments can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, based on income, your personal situation and the vehicle purchased. We are able to provide more flexible financing options than new car and ordinary used car dealerships.  This gives us an advantage the other guys just don’t have. Payments are usually made at our office but can be mailed in or even made online. We will custom design a financing program based on what works best for your individual situation. … [Read more...]

What are the requirements for a loan approval?

The requirements are Basic! To get a loan through Mission Auto Finance,you will need a valid Ohio Driver’s License, most recent pay stubs or proof of income, proof of full coverage insurance, a utility or phone, your trade if you have one, and any down payment you may have. Call and  talk with one us. We’ll be happy to get you qualified and  show you vehicles that fit your budget and personal situation. Some terms and conditions apply, not everyone qualifies. … [Read more...]

Do you need large down payments?

Our location has vehicles starting with down payments as low as $399 . We want to make sure you can afford the car and the payments, so we won't sell you a car you can't afford. … [Read more...]

How long is the loan term?

It varies depending on the price of the car, we offer terms up to 12-30 months. … [Read more...]

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